Integrative Therapeutic Massage


My approach to myotherapy integrates deep tissue structural bodywork with the flowing, profoundly relaxing techniques of Esalen® Massage. The integration of these healing modalities, along with traditional Swedish massage and Trigger Point Therapy, allows me to access the body's deeper soft tissue layers, unbinding habitually compressed areas of tension and returning fluid exchange and energy flow. Chronic tension patterns in the body release by softening and re-organizing,  replenishing living tissues with blood, lymph and "Chi" (life) energy.

With full-hearted presence, and attention, I aim to bring my clients to a state of deep nervous-system relaxation, which supports the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal.   


Caity is strong, compassionate, receptive, and awfully darned good at what she does... You can count on a blacksmith to know a good massage therapist when he sees (feels) one!
— B.M.W., client since 2014